I wanna give myself to you…


За J.-Y.

I wanna give myself to you
and make us both forget completely
the madness of the world today
the coldness of all people!…


I wanna make you fly with me
over the troubles of existence
I wanna melt my soul in yours
in everlasting sweetness


I wanna give myself to you
with all my troubles and my worries,
with all the dreams and hopes,
and all the useless hurries.


I wanna let you be my prince,
the charming boy who comes and saves me
I wanna be your princess too
who dreams and sings in field of daisies…


I wanna give myself to you…
My past is gone; I’m giving you my future!
I’m giving you my heart so full of love,
I’m giving you my tender nature…


Yes, there is a paradise that can be found…
A better life to bring us round…
And all we really need to do
is see the world like lovers do!


Писано на: 17. януари.2010
Автор: Стефи Божилова

1 thought on “I wanna give myself to you…

  1. Once in a while,right in the middle of an ordinary life LOVE gave me a fairy-tale…
    For me it happened last year but it was an impossible love and is over now.
    My heart is still wounded and I feel you to have experienced the same.
    Reading your poem „I wanna give myself to you…“ I regret that I did not
    fall in love with you.

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